Spread across all over UAE, the company provides technical services specialized in pool maintenance and installation. We aim to create a strong relationship with our clients, catering to every requirement on a long term basis. Being a company with strong financial capability, we provide superior services and imported high quality pool installation products and parts at very reasonable prices, enabling price comparison with any other company. We differentiate ourselves by providing replacement services at a charge of just 10 to 20% extra. 

We extend our services to leading facility management companies, owners associations, real estate firms, hotels, schools, apartments, villas and community pools. We hold direct meetings to negotiate about contracts, replacement and maintenance work, product clarifications, pricing schemes etc. We also discuss the terms and conditions, offers and discounts, payment mode etc during these meetings. By providing branded equipment’s and chemicals imported from UK and other international suppliers, Najmat Al Safa ensures that our customers get access to the best services available and make certain that they are 100% satisfied. We have an admin office in Dubai with a 24/7 customer call and support and the emergency team available any time. 


With more than 5 years of experience in the Pool Maintenance industry we have a very enthusiastic and reputed management team that organizes and co-ordinates all the activities, makes timely decisions and renders expert advices. They are responsible for the smooth and seamless now of operations within the company. We also have a dedicated team of well experienced and qualified professionals with a minimum of three years in the pool industry taking care of technical assistance.


So we can guarantee you excellent services that offer you good value for money. We are also blessed with a proactive marketing team that ensures that the customers really get what they desire for. The after sales team is committed to enhance customer loyalty by rendering quality maintenance and repair services for our customers. 




Najmat AI Safa Swimming Pool has a well knit network of suppliers In UAE .


We give special focus in building and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and channel partners.


We buy products from a number of leading suppliers including Astral, A'Tech-Proteam, Krypsol-Belhassa, Certikin, Pahlen etc.


We conduct direct purchasing and shipment from our manufacturers to offer the most competitive prices for our customers.


We use Import quality chemicals approved by municipality like HTH from USA or Hi Chlon from Japan etc.