Testing & Commissioning


Pool Maintenance

Pool Installation

Pool Renovation

Water Treatments including

tests performed by Municipality

approved Laboratories

Installation and Supply of all pool operational parts

Heater/Chiller installations, servicing and repairs

Leak Test & Rectifications

* Check water level and pH test to check chlorine in water.

* Brush the tiles and floor tiles.

* Vacuum clean the pool.

* Clean all debris in and around the pool.

* Cleaning the overflow channel area for smooth flow of water.

* Supply of the chemicals like Chlorine and Sodium Bi Sulfide as and when required.

* Check filtration and water test to be conducted and check level of chlorine in water.

* Checking all fittings like under water lights, inlets, vacuum points, and drain out area.

* Pool tile fixing & Poll Grouting works.

* Pool electrical & mechanical works.

* Replacement & repair of any fittings inside the pool like underwater light, fittings etc.

* We undertaking all kinds of swimming pool maintenance works.


As a prominent company in the leisure market, we specialize In the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of Swimming Pools, Spas, Exercise Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools, Saunas and Steam Rooms.


We pride ourselves in the way we can adapt to your project. While projects may be similar, no two are identical and bearing this in mind, we specialize in providing a quality service that is tailored to exactly what you need right from the start.


We provide a committed and personal service geared to meeting your expectations, regardless of the size and complexity of the project.


All our installations are carried out in accordance with the Swimming Pool and the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers, thus ensuring a first class installation that both you and we can be proud of.


We install only the most up-Io-date equipment available on the international market, i.e. filtration systems, automatic chemical dosing equipment, automatic pool covers, underwater lighting and sound equipment, counter current jets, massage stations etc. to ensure that you receive the very best of equipment and value for money.


We specialize In shuttered reinforced concrete and 'Shortcrete' methods of swimming pool construction. We deal with all aspects of the installations both for commercial and domestic installations.


We also offer an after sales service that is both flexible and reliable. This is an important part of our company policy and is equally important to our customers, both commercial and domestic.


We are primarily involved in the design, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of Swimming Pools, Spas, Exercise Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools, Equine Pools and custom-built Sauna and Steam Rooms.